Hello, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the First Lady and I, along with the entire Greater Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church (GMS) congregation would like to welcome you to our family.  We are overjoyed that you have made the decision to allow Jesus Christ to lead your life as you begin and/or continue your transformation of becoming who God has called you to be.  Here at Sinai we strive with the help of the Holy Spirit to be “Forever Growing in the Word of God, and Forever Knowing The Love of Christ” (2 Timothy 2:15). 


     More importantly, we thank you for joining the body of Christ.  We believe that God has called you to the fold, because you have something to contribute that will nurture and edify His body of believers, or there is something here to nurture your growth and strength in the Lord.


     I am honored to serve as your Pastor.  As your Pastor, it is my job to be a good example and equip you with the word of God through sound preaching, and bible-based teaching. Additionally, my role is to cover you with prayer that you may be encouraged and strengthened to remain faithful to your calling and love for God (Acts 6:4) and the brethren


     But just as there is a role for me to play, according to Romans 12:9-21 there are also expectations of you and the entire body of Christ:


  1.     Love others sincerely
  2.     Bless those who persecute you
  3.     Hate evil
  4.     Rejoice with those who rejoice
  5.     Cling to what is good
  6.     Mourn with those who mourn
  7.     Be devoted to one another
  8.     Live in harmony with one another
  9.     Honor one another
  10.     Don’t be proud or conceited
  11.     Serve the Lord with zeal
  12.     Associate with people of low position
  13.     Be joyful in hope
  14.     Don’t repay evil for evil
  15.     Be patient in affliction
  16.     Do what is right
  17.     Be faithful in prayer
  18.     Don’t take revenge
  19.     Share with God’s people in need
  20.     Overcome evil
  21.     Practice hospitality


We are so excited to have you here.  May God continue to bless you and your family along your journey to fullness of joy, peace, love, and eternal life with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



Kalvin E. Cressel Sr., Pastor