Youth Ministries

Kids Kingdom (Registration required before participation) 

Youth Ministry – implemented to provide spiritual nurturing and development for children and youths (age 0-18). Directors and youth workers provide a safe and spiritual oasis during youth retreats/ outings, Vacation Bible School, drill team, choir and usher board sessions.

Soul Steppers and Mighty Messengers Drill Teams – Two separate groups of young spirited group of young ladies and girls that perform drills/dances consisting of gospel songs, bible verses and Christian creeds.

Rites of Passage (Female) – Helps girls develop into womanhood in the five distinct areas of spiritual growth, social skills (etiquette), physical abilities, academics and emotional maturity. Activities will include community involvement, cultural awareness events, and mission work.

Rites of Passage (Male) – Helps boys foster the ideals of manhood and maturity. The program uses one to one relationships with adult male guides to assist in the development of each boy. Activities include meetings, outings and cultural awareness events.

Athletic Ministry – serves the body of Christ by providing avenues to strengthen the physical bodies of its members. Realizing that our body is temple of the Holy Spirit, we are charge with the responsibility of being good stewards over this earthly tabernacle. It is our goal to set up a bowling, basketball (two teams), softball and volleyball teams.

Holy Hip Hop - providing an outlet for young boys and girls to express themselves and minister through Christian hip hop.